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Kicking Horse Casserole - Green - White Clay

Kicking Horse Casserole - Green - White Clay


Baking with stoneware is an experience - elevate your kitchen game with bakeware that goes straight from the oven to your table as classy and timeless serving ware. No more drab, big box store casserole dishes, your guests will be sure to comment on your Kicking Horse casserole dish!


Not just for serving and entertaining, Studio 83 casseroles make great fridge storage containers for meal prep dishes. Baked items, salads, you name it! Having a covered dish to store your food makes things easy, with no worries about using harmful plastics. 


Product Specs:  6-7” W x 4” D


All stoneware products are freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. DO NOT use on a stovetop.  Stoneware is much more durable than common ceramic products - it can break if dropped or roughly handled, but it's made for everyday use! Beautiful but rugged - just like the natural landscapes that inspired them.


Our Kicking Horse casseroles are all made from the same clays and dipped in the same glazes but due to the nature of the process, there will be variations in colour pattern, drips and runs, etc. Throwing, glazing and placement in the kiln create unique features on every mug and is what makes all pieces of hand-made pottery.

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